Recipe of Pineapple and Banana cake in American-style

  The recipe of “Pineapple and Banana cake” is one the traditional desserts of America. It is very easy to make and also very delicious in taste. Ingredients 100 grams canned pineapple (fresh/drained) 1 sliced banana 100 grams flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp cinnamon 3 tbsp light muscovado sugar 1 egg 100ml milk […]

Recipe of Cinderella Cold Drink

The recipe of “Cinderella cold drink” is superb in taste and looks very pretty like the Cinderella Doll. Ingredients 3 tablespoons raspberry syrup 1 tablespoon lemon juice 3 tablespoons  chopped mixed fruits (pineapple, pears and apples) 1 bottle lemonade or any lemon drink 1 lemon slice 3,4 Ice cubes   Method Take tall sized serving […]

Recipe of Strawberry Float

  This recipe “strawberry float” is the favorite recipe of kids. It is very easy to make for everyone and rich in calories. Ingredients ·         2 1/2 tablespoon crushed strawberry ·         1 tablespoon lemon juice ·         1 serving spoon vanilla ice-cream ·         3/4 cup soft drink (lemon flavor) Method Take a tall sized glass; put […]